#OffsiteImmersive2016 one week inclusive of workspace, accommodation, healthy food choices, energising coffee and pure unadulterated meaningful experiences!

Our Concept

Offsite Immersive 2016 is a week long retreat in the south of Portugal for creative professionals that want to balance work days with meaningful experiences, in the company of like minded people! It’s a place to feel energised and inspired and focus on personal or professionals projects, explore ideas through binary trading options collective thinking, collaboration and learning. But it’s also a place to disconnect, reflect, laugh and celebrate life, a time to be vulnerable and playful, to make new friends and discover more about what life has to offer!

Why should you come?

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Achieve your goals and dreams through collective thinking and shared experiences in the company of like minded people in a comfortable space with great amenities.

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Take some time off from digital technology to go for a swim, re-connect with yourself, enjoy nature, and have some fun. Create some personal freedom and balance out your work day by updating your own happiness status.


Feel energised by the sunshine and fantastic climate strongly influenced by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas and the proximity to North Africa. You can expect to enjoy long days with mild or warm nights.

and more…

New Friends & Connections * Purposeful Conversations * New Skills * Focus & Creativity *Flash Talks & Deep Dives * Field Trips * Digital Free Experiences * Playshops & Activities

The house and surroundings

We will be staying at a traditional Portuguese house surrounded by a beautiful garden, with communal kitchen, dining room, living room, an incredible swimming pool and beautiful views. The closest town is Guia, which is about 8 min drive away and the closest beach is only 14 min drive. We’re also not far from pretty castle towns and historic villages! We’re  aiming to get away from the busy life of the city and enjoy the peacefulness of this place, but there is a shopping mall a few minutes away with a supermarket, shops, restaurants and cinema which you can pop down to if you need to.

A day at the retreat…

7:30am – Early morning activities such as jogging, yoga, swimming, meditation or nature walk
8:30am – Breakfast
9:30am – Morning standup to set goals
9:45am – Morning work session
1pm – Lunch with the group
2:30pm – Afternoon work session
5pm – Talk or Deep-Dive session
5:30pm – Break (Take a swim, enjoy the nature, take a nap, talk to someone, read, work a bit more, etc)
7pm – Dinner onsite or at traditional restaurant
8:30pm to 10pm Evening Activities (BBQ, Movie, Bonfire Session, Music, Etc..)

During the weekend we will be doing a field trip to visit a small rural village or a winery and the beach!

This is only a guideline, every day will be a little bit different!

What’s included?

  • An inspiring location with everything you need to be focused and productive including reliable Wi-Fi and great coffee
  • A community of creative and passionate people that can help you accelerate your ideas and projects and who you’ll want to spend time with
  • Healthy food choices* to power your body positively
  • Off-the-grid meaningful activities and experiences
  • Flash talk and deep-dive sessions with interesting topics to feel inspired and learn
  • Stunning onsite shared accommodation (2/3 people per room), lots of space to work and relax
  • Field trip to visit the beach, an historical town, a winery or go on a nature hike
  • 3 day FREE pass to Coworklisboa – the most amazing coworking space in Lisbon (you can use before or after the retreat)
  • Free telephone answering from MoneyPenny so you can unplug without distraction of missing important calls!

* Please note that transportation or any meals consumed outside the house, except for what is part of the program, are not included in the price.

The local area

The south of Portugal is one of the most south-westerly points of Europe with over 300 days of sun each year. It is mostly known by its sandy beaches and breathtaking cliffs, but it’s also full of secrets like monuments and century old-costumes!

Here you’ll find picturesque towns, fisherman villages, natural wild parks and mountains. You’ll witness beautiful sunsets and feel the warm summer nights.

Many have been here before us, Arabs, Lusitanians, Romans and Greeks, but passing of time have not diminished our history and culture heritage!

Getting here

We’re staying just off E.N. 125 national road, 30 min away from Faro Airport. You can get to Faro from most European capital cities with low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet, TAP, British Airlines, Monarch and Transavia. You’ll be able to purchase a transfer ticket from and to the airport and we can recommend you places to stay if you arrive before or want to stay after the retreat.

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What kind of projects can I work on?

  • Remote work that only requires a laptop and a great environment
  • Study time to learn something new or prepare for an exam
  • A side project you’ve meaning to work on but never get to
  • Work on a blog, photography collection or travel writing
  • Work on your startup idea

Who comes to the retreat?

People from all backgrounds and nationalities from writers to photographers, freelancers, developers, designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to share a workspace, knowledge, ideas and experiences and surround themselves with other interesting people.

Bring your passion and creativity and you’ll fit right in!

How can I join?

We have a selection process to make sure we shortlist a great group of people from different backgrounds, that can bring something special and complement each other in the group. We go through all applications carefully and then get in touch with each person to get to know them a bit better. To register you have to fill an application form telling us why you would like to participate! We are aiming to have all applications reviewed and the selection made by the end of February, so don’t miss your chance!


How much does it cost?

There’s a lot that goes into organising a great retreat, not just the time to find the perfect location, and the time to go through all the applications and speak to the candidates but also the time we spend talking to associates, partners and collaborators.

We want to offer you an all-inclusive experience and the largest expenses go into the accommodation, meals, field trips, activities, and associate costs.  The great thing is that, you don’t need to worry about anything during your stay and therefore can focus on your goals and enjoy the experience fully!

The full ticket price is £820, including processing fees. Apply Now to make sure you get a spot! Already signed up? Great, than help us spread the word!

Can’t afford the full price ticket?

  • Have a look below and the volunteering program for a different way of participating at a cost that may work with your budget.
  • Or get in touch with ana@southwestcollective.co to discuss a payment plan!

Volunteering Opportunities

Would you like a chance to be part of our program for 2016 but can’t quite afford the full price ticket? Then trade your skills and passion for a discounted ticket! We are seeking committed, driven and playful individuals who are able to tell stories, inspire and make things with their hands. You’ll be surrounded by a group of people from different geographic locations and backgrounds and you’ll have the opportunity to share what you love and make an impact!

Volunteers will get a 50% discount off the full Offsite Immersive 2016 ticket (including accommodation and meals) in exchange for some hours of your skilled work!

We are looking for people to participate in the following sessions:


Flash Talks
If you are passionate about a particular subject and love to share it with others, then you can apply to be a guest speaker.


Deep Dives
Can you build, create or teach? Apply to run one of our deep dive sessions where you’ll be able to share your knowledge and craft.


Wellness & Sports
Are you a fitness or welness entusiast? Then volunteer to run an early morning session and get everyone ready for the day ahead.


Do you like to have fun, sing, play games and laugh? The apply to share the power of play with the group!

OR helps us with our website, social media, content creation, logo and brand design, event production, etc!

Let’s talk how you can be part of this amazing experience! We only have a few volunteer slots available so don’t miss your chance and apply below.


Sponsors and Partners

Mission aligned sponsors and partners are key in making Southwest Collective possible. Our unique experience offers an amazing opportunity to share your brand, product and story to a diverse group of people! We can work together on content creation, media campaigns and product representation and look at how in-kind and monetary sponsorship can bring benefits to you as a company or individual. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or partner please get in touch!

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Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.
Maya Angelou

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