About us

Southwest Collective is a startup dedicated to creating meaningful experiences that embrace the wholeness of work, life and play.

We host in-real-life workshops like Unplugged O’Clock and organise coworking retreats like Offsite Immersive, where people come together to create, collaborate, learn, share, discover, play and unplug!

Ana Henneberke / Co-founder

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 00.50.38Ana is originally from the South of Portugal and after many years working with technology teams in Amsterdam and London, she has learned to appreciate the power of collective thinking and collaboration.

Over the years, Ana started to notice how she was constantly connected to digital technology and the effect that it was having on her personal life and on things that she really enjoyed like being outdoors and spending meaningful moments with friends and family.

That’s why she decided to create Southwest Collective and give people the opportunity to feel inspired, create and collaborate in beautiful environments but at the same time balance out work with off-screen-time, technology liberating experiences and playfulness!


imageedit_4_6234260469Cláudia Cristóvão / Co-founder

Cláudia grew up and lived in the south of Portugal for most of her life but a few years ago she moved to London to expand her skills in the hospitality and events industry. Her outgoing and friendly personality, interpersonal skills and keen eye for detail combined with her passion and enthusiasm, have led her to manage teams at a prestigious restaurant in London and shaped her into a great hostess.

She’s curious by nature and believes that there is no such thing as failure, but rather an abundance of learning opportunities for the open minded! She lived without a smartphone for as long as she could but ever since she owns one, she’s increasingly more connected and, at times, she found herself digitally trapped. She believes in creating boundaries with technology and make time for off-screen meaningful experiences!

At Southwest Collective, Cláudia can be seen doing a bit of everything but what you’ll probably notice the most, is that she’ll receive you with a smile and will make sure you’re having a great time!


We believe in the power and value of collaboration and in the importance of a balanced life where fun, health and happiness can contribute to a satisfying lifestyle.
The Southwest Collective Team

Resident Volunteers

We are bringing some of the most talented people we know to be part of Offsite Immersive 2016. They will be sharing their craft, skills and passion with you to make your week with us all more memorable!

Dana Svoboda /  Chief Joy Officer

imageedit_1_6170670669Dana is a Czech-South African, based in London currently working at Makers Academy tech bootcamp and also providing wellbeing services as a freelancer. She refers to herself as a “professional enjoyer” and has joined the Southwest Collective team as our wellbeing coach.

If there’s one thing she knows for sure, it’s that when you feel good you are more productive and connected to yourself and the world. Dana is passionate about feeling good and sharing it with you through wellbeing practices. Uplifting body, mind and heart and facilitating you to connect with your best self.

In our 2016 retreat, Dana will be running our Yoga classes, daily mediation and tailored playshops to help us feel energised, in tune, and connect with our inner creativity and playfulness.


Paulo Segurado / Director of Music


Paulo is a full time music teacher and musician! He started his musical studies at the age of eight by learning to play the piano, in his hometown, Portimão. With two university degrees in Music History and Musical Formation, he lives and breathes this art, especially because his father is a self-educated musician and music lover and they even play in a band together!

Over the last few years, Paulo has been aiming to bring himself to a state of self-awareness as he discovered Reiki and Hatmara-Merkava through the arrival of some extraordinary people in his life. He loves traveling and so far he’s been to Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Cape Verde, to either perform as a musician or simply enjoy the local culture as a traveller.

As Director of Music for our 2016 retreat, Paulo aims to bring the power of music to everyone! He joins his love of performing with his love of teaching to create memorable experiences through lyrics, sounds and harmonies, inviting the participants for a ride along the most common expression of humanity!

Do you want to collaborate with us, be a guest speaker, run a deep-dive or join our team as a resident volunteer? Email hello@southwestcollective.co and let’s have a chat!