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Southwest Collective Company Partner ProgramDoes your company invest in training and development of employees?
Do you provide a flexible work environment and the possibility to work remotely?
Do you embrace the idea that happiness leads to greater productivity and creativity?

Partner with Southwest Collective and send your employees to one of our immersive coworking retreats. Your employees will be part of an experience that will make their creativity and productivity flourish! Our coworking retreats are a great occasions to propel people to do great things and feel re-energised.

Our programs include goal setting, collaboration sessions, a focused environment, flash talks & deep-dives by industry experts, digital free experiences, meaningful playshops, wellness & sports, and connections with people from diverse background to learn, exchange ideas and accelerate projects.

What are the benefits?

Learning & Development

Even the most self-motivated people need support to grow and learn. Utilise our retreats as an investment to your employees growth and as an extension to your current training and development offer.

Attract & Retain Great Talent

Tap into the emerging needs of the millennial generation and employees that see work & life holistically, appreciate flexibility and understand that happiness leads to greater productivity and creativity. Job happiness is at the forefront of great talent.

Employee Experience

Culture is your truly competitive edge! Invest in the happiness of your people and allow them to have transformative experiences, make them feel valued and have an impact through their renewed positivity and energy.

Read more about why sending employees on a coworking retreat is one of the best investments you can make in your organisation.

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