Rowena Cumner – Offsite Immersive 2016 Attendee

Rowena Cumner

London, UK

Rowena Cumner


What is your potted history?

I realised my passion for both Marketing and Start-Ups/New Businesses when I spent a Summer holiday working on a farm in my home village making pressed Apple Juice and selling it at local Farmer’s Markets; seeing the process of making a great product and telling people all about it really inspired me!

After a Biology & Evolutionary Psychology Degree at Liverpool University I’ve spent the last 9 years in Marketing Management positions in both small start-ups, SME’s and now MOO, one of the most successful founder-led start-up stories of Silicon Roundabout here in London.

In my role at MOO I channel our budget into helping entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Fashion, Creative, Student and Female Entrepreneur Verticals – this involves managing partnerships and events mostly in UK but branching out into Europe.

Exciting times!

Why did you decide to join Offsite Immersive 2016?

During 2014 we built by working in the lobby of The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch – a hub of entrepreneurs and start-ups before many of the current co-working spaces now available were dreamt of! We met SO many amazing people who have become great friends.

I love the power of co-working and Ana & Claudia seem so passionate about the concept they are creating. I really think soon it will become commonplace for all entrepreneurs and start-ups to ‘retreat’ like this! What a great experiment!? It’s much cheaper than an MBA, right?!

What is your intention for the week?

MOO support us in developing our own start-up ideas and I’ve recently founded ‘Agent Engagement‘ where I help mostly proposing men and engaged couples re-think how to buy an engagement ring – by connecting them directly to jewellers and craftsmen and encouraging them to really think about the piece they are creating. My intention for the week is to spend time really immersed in how I can grow the business ethically and sustainably.

How will you create and share with the community?

I hope to be an ideas factory for other people’s projects and help anyone in need of advice in creating marketing or branding partnerships for their idea or business. 🙂

What do you want to learn and understand during this time?

How to really gain a handle on the numbers / scalability of my business, whilst also further researching the industry and market.

How do you hope to grow during this experience?

By giving myself the time to focus on my ‘passion project’ with wonderful, creative and hard-working people, I hope to return with new friends and a refreshed perspective.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I used to carry around hundreds of thousands of £££’s of diamonds in a Sainsbury’s carrier bag, in order to look ‘normal’ when helping proposing men and researching the idea for Agent Engagement!

Tell us about a book that made you feel happy…

‘One Day’ by David Nicholls; covers the lives of two protagonists one day each year, for twenty years.

What food reminds you of your childhood and why?

Chinese Takeaway on special Friday’s with my family. Sweet and Sour Chicken and Red Hot Pork – a real treat.

What do you love most about your work?

I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to make a difference at MOO and absolutely love meeting so many talented entrepreneurs and game-changers each and every day! WOW!

What is something that really inspires you in life?

‘For the first time in history, technology can empower women to create their own businesses on a scale previously unimaginable.’ Kathryn Parsons – Tech Entrepreneur and co-founder of DECODED.

When you travel what things do you like to explore from the local culture?

People/food/sights/history/nature/music/etc.. All of the above!

When was the last time you over 24h without your phone or digital devices and how did that make you feel?

Cycle trips are great for unplugging and I try to go for a few weekends with friends each year. They make me feel like I can ‘see’ the scenery!

Check out Offsite Immersive 2016 coworking retreat, and join Rowena and other creative professionals during 11–18 September, for a week of focus, collaboration, learning, playfulness and unplugging, in a truly inspiring place in the south of Portugal.

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